Student Loan Default Upon Death of Cosigner

Recently you may have seen headlines regarding student loan default happening upon the death of the cosigner. The reason so many of these students have cosigners on their loans is that, by cosigning, … [Read more...]

A Unique Service for Seniors

As many who work with seniors know, one of the most challenging parts of aging is the loss of mobility. This can be especially devastating for people of faith who find it difficult or impossible to … [Read more...]

Where There’s a Will

Today I’d like to tell you the story of two people, who I’ll call Rose and Joe*.  Both these individuals passed away in the last two years; both owned homes in King County. Rose died a millionaire, … [Read more...]

What is Probate?

A majority of my practice is devoted to probate. As someone who practices in this area of law, I often take it for granted that people will know what this is. After all, nearly everyone knows what a … [Read more...]