HIPAA Compliant Power of Attorney

Having a power of attorney for health care matters is vital to ensuring that you receive the best possible health care outcomes. Briefly, a power of attorney for health care assigns all your health … [Read more...]

Avoiding Probate

One of the most common questions I get when a new client contacts me is "How do I avoid probate." The answer to that question, I tell them, is complicated and depends on your family's circumstances. … [Read more...]

Planning for Prison

One area of estate planning that has honestly come as a surprise to me in my practice is what I like to call planning for prison. This may seem to be an odd concept because who really plans for … [Read more...]

Pet Trusts

Did you know you can set up a trust to care for your beloved animals after you pass away? Washington has a law that specifically allows for the establishment and administration of trusts for … [Read more...]

Lawyer House Calls

Traditionally, the house call was something that has been associated mostly with doctors, but, as we are all well aware, the doctor who makes house calls is a rare breed these days. Lawyer house calls … [Read more...]