What Popular Culture Gets Wrong About Wills

It seems that regardless of the genre, wills are major plot points in many stories in the popular culture, but this is especially true in murder mysteries. In fact, just last night I was watching a … [Read more...]

Student Loans and Estate Planning

It's not surprise that many of my estate planning clients in their 20s and 30s still have student loans. What may surprise you is that Americans in their 50s or older had $204 billion in outstanding … [Read more...]

When is the Best Time to Get a Will?

As an estate planner, I often get asked "when is the best time to get a will?" Honestly, it is probably the most common work-related question I get asked, so I would like to give you my answer: now. … [Read more...]

Top Ten Occasions to Get a New Will

As an estate planning and probate attorney, I get many people asking me "when should I get a new will?" This usually comes up in one of two situations, either the person has never had a will and needs … [Read more...]

Power of Attorney at the Bank

I have had countless prospective clients call my office to see if I could help them because they couldn't use a power of attorney at the bank. These powers of attorney were not only the cheap online … [Read more...]